Almost Done

Finally… I’m almost done with my V4 skin for DTXMania. I started this project a year ago and although it does not really take a year (Not even a month) to completely finish a skin for a program like DTXMania, it took me almost a year to finish the V4 skin due to various matters that kept me busy such as school. Also, the fact that I continously and repeatedly revised the V4 skin made the process of finishing it much longer.

The final version will be released for DTXMania versions 061, 067, and 070. Yes that’s right, I ported the skin which was originally for version 061 to versions 067 and 070. Here’s a screen shot of the skin on version 070:

Picture: Select Music on 067b

Due to the graphics layout of 070, I had to improvise a little… and so it has the looks of V4 and the form of V2 and V3.

I should be able to release the skin in a week or two. And this is for real now. It’s a good thing I’m finally switching ISPs so internet connection won’t hinder me from releasing the skin.

Oh and on a side note, I’m also working on another DTXMania skin. I just started working on it a few hours ago. After 50 minutes, I came up with this:

Picture: DTXMania V6 Skin Concept

Yes, it’s a V6 skin, now go ahead and click on the link below. 😉

V6 Skin Concept

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