Midology Episode 3 (Depex Ultimo) Simfile (DTX)

Download: LEAF XCEED Music Division – Midology Episode 3 (Depex Ultimo)

Picture: Depex Ultimo

…And on to my last journal entry for the summer. Depex Ultimo… my last DTXMania simfile for the summer vacation.

For those people who have listened to the songs of my friend, rtnario, and knows what LEAF XCEED is, you may be wondering…

“What in the world is this?”
“Hey, rtnario never released this song!”

“Now where have I heard ‘Midology Episode’ before?”
“Woah, it’s that 3rd episode of Midology that was hidden away for centuries! xD”

First of all, this is not an official LEAF XCEED Music Division song release. It’s a simfile of a LEAF XCEED song. XD

And about copyright, legal stuff. All I can say is this:


– rtnario

The song in this simfile is technically the last piece of the Midology Episode series, the first one being “Mid Evolution,” more popularly known by its VST remix, “Unbroken Dream.” The second one is- not mentioned in rtnario’s blog. They exist in the net but that’s all I can say as the rest of the info are not in rtnario’s blog. XD Only rtnario knows if this “Depex Ultimo” is really the final version as this has always been known as “BETA11.” An old “BETA8” was actually posted somewhere in the net. Somewhere… (Again, being vague XD)

Anyway, enjoy playing this simfile. And it’s multiple time signatures of 4/4, 3/4, and 7/4. And it’s fast, complex, double bass drumming that skips a beat whenever there’s a snare hit. And it’s tempo variations. And it’s- *sigh* I hope you still enjoy. XD

That’s it for summer. There will be new projects in the future. But I’ll be posting projects less frequently. See ya!

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