My 21st Century Breakdown! (And some news…)

Edit: The MBB Recordings are now available for download. Those are Green Day covers alright?

Finally I got myself a copy of Green Day’s new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I must say, it’s really an awesome album. Thanks to my friend for buying it when he went to the US. (Hey, I’ll pay you when we get back to school ok? Whether you like it or not. XD)

Picture: My 21st Century Breakdown

One of my favorite tracks in the album is “¡Viva La Gloria!” Although the melody is obviously based on Letter Bomb, it’s actually a very nice song in itself. The song is very lively and full of energy. =)

Other tracks that I like include 21st Century Breakdown, Before The Lobotomy, Peacemaker, Murder City, 21 Guns, and American Eulogy. Oh and don’t forget Know Your Enemy and See The Light too… oh wait, I do like most of the songs in the album. XD

I’ll be honest though, the story of this album is somewhat hard to follow and I don’t quite understand the lyrics in some songs. Nevertheless, 21st Century Breakdown is still a great album for me.

On to the news part of this blog entry…

I’ll be posting trial/beta Green Day covers (recordings) of my band MBB (Ok, not really band but more like a duo) here in my blog. Most of the songs are actually from a random recording session that my friend and I had. Because of that, most of them are “messed up.” The ones I’m putting here in my blog are the songs which are actually listenable/were nicely performed.

Picture: This One's Called... (Album Art)

Just check back sometime and the MBB Green Day covers will be posted in the Pages (In the sidebar) of my blog… maybe without notice. In the mean time, check out MBB’s Jesus of Suburbia Cover on YouTube.

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