Summer ’09 – I DID NOT Steal That Title

Nice, another entry that is an actual journal type one. XD

It’s 06-03-09, 9:08 PM. And I am about to sleep in about an hour… because tomorrow is the start of a new school year. I wonder how it is gonna be? But then I hear the voice of my English teacher in 2nd year high school saying “Carlo, you’re forgetting the main point of your journal entry.” Whoa, right. This journal is not about simfiles or projects. Nor is it about the new school year. It’s about my summer vacation for 2009- no I totally DID NOT steal that topic from another person’s blog.

This summer seemed to be the quickest. Then again, it’s not. It’s the same 3 months that me and my friends always had. Summer 2009 wasn’t about swimming in the beaches or going out of the country. It wasn’t about overnights either… due to schedule problems, I never got to have one with my friends. And this summer vacation wasn’t exactly what felt like summer, as it was occasionally rainy. Summer 2009 wasn’t really super special. But it wasn’t so bad either. In fact, it will be one memorable summer vacation for me.

This summer vacation was about rediscovering my love for blogging. And I mean serious blogging. I never thought that this Least One Hundred blog would actually be alive and kicking. For those who are actually reading this, I thank you for constantly visiting my blog. In the future, why not leave a comment or two? That would be nice… With this blog, I posted lots of DTXMania simfiles, which I only recently learned to create… This summer vacation was the most tiring one, really. It was because my nocturnal side was taking over. Oh I really had to learn that sleeping really… and I mean REALLY late takes away the fun of sleeping. And of course, this summer wouldn’t have been memorable if I didn’t get to meet up with my friends, hang out, watch movies together and jam with them. This summer vacation was the time in which I really got to hang out with friends, visit their houses, and invite them here in my house. Oh I remember my friend, rtnario, bringing his CPU, Lux Aeterna, to my house. THAT, was awesome. I even got to record lots of beta covers with my friend which are available for download here. Go MBB!

Summer Vacation 2009 is the time counteralchemist was most inactive in deviantART. He was too busy exploring his musical side. He was not only a skinner, but he was also a musician. He composed songs and he improved on his drumming, A LOT. Of course he didn’t really forget about his computer tech kid side, in fact, he finished his project that he started last year, his DTXMania V4 Skin… He even got to learn more about computer music, like “audio programming” and multi-track recording. He knows those are band stuff, but it’s still computer related, and he loves it. He even upgraded his rig and stuff in a TV tuner and extra RAM. *stops referring to myself in 3rd person*

And of course, this summer won’t be awesome without this.

Picture: DTXPRESS IV Special

Behold! Recording awesome quality songs with my friend wouldn’t be possible without that. I’ve made a lot of drum covers with it… and some are on YouTube. I also got to practice rudiments that I learn from my drum lessons with this. =)

I guess that’s about it. There’s more, but those are just some of the highlights of my summer vacation. In a nutshell, my summer vacation 2009 was a collection of small precious memories. So here come’s 3rd year high school for me and my friends. Godspeed. \m/

-end of journal stuff-

Now I’m on to posting the “real” last journal of summer… the “Apex Finale.”

2 thoughts on “Summer ’09 – I DID NOT Steal That Title


    And lol at 3rd-person. Also, rtnario says Lux is heavy. 8D

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