Stars From The Other Side

Seven weeks ago, I wrote about a blog entry entitled “Random Blog Entry From Outer Space.” And it was indeed about random stuff that “people probably wouldn’t care about.” XD

Picture: Eastwood City

A week after that house visit I had when I wrote my last blog entry, a series of awesome events happened. It started with what I would call –inside reference warning– an “evening party.” Trying to be as vague there as possible. XD Well the important thing is that… I’m talking about a series of events here. After that evening party followed a school-wide competition where I had to compose music for my class’ stage play, gimmicks with my friends, band practices, yet another evening party here, a school fair, a concert, a band screening, and more gimmicks. What’s up with that? Well, that’s not what I would usually do as “counteralchemist.” I would probably enjoy writing this blog entry more, make a software skin, or something like that. XD But no, that isn’t the case. These events were “stars” from the other side of the universe that I discovered. These events made me realize how I can enjoy such activities even more than I did in the past. Seriously, I spent less time playing DrumMania during the last 7 weeks. BUT for those times I played DrumMania, I was usually with many of my friends hanging out in the arcade unlike in the past when I would go to the arcade alone. XDD

Picture: DrumMania V6

I decided to write this blog entry when those streak of gimmicks for the 2nd term ended with rtnario visiting my house… makes sense as I wrote my previous blog entry in his house before all of those events I mentioned occurred. The 2nd term also ended last Friday and tomorrow is the start of the 3rd and final term for this school year. It’s a long story really, but rtnario had to stay until 10:45 PM in my house. >> It was a half-overnight with non-stop FL Studio-ing and jamming. XD

Picture: rtnario - Chair

I remember rtnario wanting to hit me with a chair, but I seriously don’t recall why. It was for fun anyway. XD Anyway, besides the fact that I wanted to reflect on those perhaps, eye-opening events by typing away, this blog entry serves as a formal statement from me that: I most likely will not post anything at all for the next 3 months. Those events that I experienced is only the start of my “life outside the computer.” xD This term of the school year is probably gonna be one of the most crucial (College Entrance grades) and busiest period in my high school life. There’s an event in school that happens only once every 2 years, another big celebration that happens every who knows how many years, an exposure trip, our 14th annual school fair (which is very significant to me btw), and the Prom. Well, there’s still Christmas break to work on some projects… it just depends on what will happen during my Christmas break I guess. Hey, I still have a V6 skin to finish. XD

06-19-12 Edit: The hyperlink that says “14th annual school fair (which is very significant to me btw)” used to link to the About page of this blog. Since I updated the content of the About page, I redirected the hyperlink to another blog entry which explains the significance of said school fair.

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