Mid-Summer 2010

Tonight marks the end of the 1st half of my summer vacation… well since I’m starting college entrance exam reviews tomorrow. I’m not excited about it at all. Well how can I be excited about 2 weeks and 2 days of hellish reviews. -_- I was suppose to take up half-day reviews (better) for the whole April but I enrolled a little too late and I had to choose whole-day reviews which starts tomorrow and ends on May 4. I couldn’t have enrolled for a whole-month review for May either since my family and I are going to Singapore on the last week of May.

My summer vacation so far has been quite good already. Despite spending uncountable hours on the computer getting bored, watching anime, software skinning, surfing the web, composing music, and uh… getting bored, I’ve spent quite a number of days jamming with my friends and recording with them. I’ve also been to an album launch of my school’s music club, a Paramore concert, a Cobra Starship concert, and my first anime convention also known as “Ozine Fest 2010.” (Has anyone blogged about my friend who cosplayed as VLC yet? XD)

Simply put, my summer activities so far are more or less music related. Even Ozine Fest is music related because LIGHT MUSIC IS AWESOME. I just discovered the wonders of K-ON a month ago and it’s awesomeness struck me to the point of me being inspired to study guitar. Yes, you read that right. I already knew how to play guitar since October last year but I never really took it seriously. Now, I want to buy an electric guitar! As for my drumming, I’m still working hard to improve although to be honest, I haven’t been playing much DrumMania. I’m still aiming to finish Least 100 Seconds on extreme though. \o/ I already finished that 90 difficulty extra stage song in DMV4 when I was in SM Mall of Asia last Sunday so I’m getting there. XD

Picture: Manila Bay

That is a picture of Manila Bay taken from Mall of Asia. And hundreds of miles away from where I was when I took that vast body of water is Singapore. (Here’s a map to prove that XD) I did mention a while ago that I’m going to Singapore next month. Now that IS something I am excited about! Seriously, besides being able to go to another country and spend 4 days going to various tourist spots like Sentosa, I get to play DrumMania XG and possibly shop for a guitar. XD

And that’s another blog entry coming from me folks. Before I end this night and wake up tomorrow to the sound of my alarm clock signaling the start of hell-reviews, there is one more thing I need to do. And that would be to post another blog entry about-

CRAP, rtnario‘s back to kill me with my new chair and his bass, COMBINED. *runs*

Picture: rtnario

I’m pretty sure there was an actual reason rtnario had that picture taken again but amazingly, I don’t remember yet again. That picture was taken last Saturday when my friends and I did some recording for a music remix project. Okay, enough with the out of place picture. More important blog entry to be posted in a few minutes. XD

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