A Light Shines In This Lonely Night

“Yet somewhere in my heart I hope that a light shines in this lonely night”

(Trademark Underground – Nocturne Light)

That is a quote from a song I made a few months ago for one of my bands, Trademark Underground. It effectively sums up what I’ve been feeling for the past few months. I just feel like there’s so many changes happening with pretty much everything I know. Relationships, motivations, school performance, priorities, food preferences, you name it. Heck, the big mess in my bedroom and even in my Windows desktop right now reflects what I’m feeling. Emphasis on the “light” part of my quote. I remain as optimistic as I have always been about things. Anyway, I think this picture best illustrates everything I just wrote:

Picture: Iluma

(also, in an effort to make my blog entries a bit more organized…)


Sparkly lights in a not at all lonely night. XD That’s Iluma, a shopping mall in Singapore. Come to think of it, I never blogged about my experiences in Singapore. Simply put, my family and I had a blast in Singapore. The sights there were beautiful and the people were very friendly! Of course, being me, I had lots of fun playing DMV7 there. Too bad, I missed out on the opportunity of playing on an XG. To make up for that, I was able to get a guitar which I named “Michelle.” (To a certain Justin who probably isn’t reading this, I’m laughing at him now)

Senior Year

It’s funny how I was listening to Slip out, a sad song from BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, just before I was about to get off the car and head to my fourth year classroom for the very first time. It’s like a foreshadowing of sorts of my current situation. As of now, my college entrance tests for UP and ADMU are done. I am yet to take the tests for DLSU and UST these coming weeks. My grades in school are pretty much okay with the exception of my math grade which is need of serious improvement.

So far, I’d say my junior year is still better than my senior year. But really now, it’s too early to say that because I only had my best experiences as a junior starting from September last year. Also, there’s October-November 2010 which will have stuff I’ll be looking forward to: HTT II, Machinae Supremacy’s new album, My Chemical Romance’s new album, UP Ame, birthdays of at least 4 good friends, more gimmicks, opportunities for band practices and auditions, etc.

Well that’s pretty much what I have in mind tonight. Gotta wake up early for tomorrow…

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