Inside a Closed Notebook

There are some thoughts that are better off kept with one’s self. Knowing that, I decided to buy myself a diary of sorts. I had too much things going on in my mind about life-changing events for the past few months that I couldn’t help but feel the need for an outlet for all of my insights that are just too private to be put here in my blog. Thus, the notebook below.

Picture: Notebook

(By the way, take a look at my awesome not-so-new bag which I now occasionally carry around when I go to the mall with friends)

Well, aside from personal insights, my notebook contains doodles. This drawing’s based on a conversation I had with rtnario during UP Ame 2010. He asked me something… related to a certain misunderstanding that only a few people should be able to get. Namely 4 people. XD I edited out a very incriminating word (well actually, not really) written in one of the speech bubbles in the drawing. :]

Picture: Doodle

In other news, I plan on starting my very own one-man music project called “FULL CYCLE.” I already have betas of tracks I plan on releasing in the near future. I will also clean-up and renovate this blog a bit. I’ll update the About page, add some new pages, and maybe even change the site theme. Oh and I passed my DLSU college entrance exams. \o/ That’s 1 college down. 3 more to go. For now, I’ll be enjoying this Christmas break. Then onto the final trimester of my high school life. It’s gonna be a tough one with all the catching up that I need to do with my math. Plus, I’ve got non-academic concerns for January such as auditioning with my bands for the AHS and SHS fairs and making palancas for my classmates. As for anything DTXMania related, I’m afraid that will have to wait ’til March. The last 2 months of my high school life is very, very crucial.

“Get it on! get it on! get it on! Nothing to fear.”

(L’Arc~en~Ciel – twinkle, twinkle)

Because I love L’Arc~en~Ciel, the song I just quoted, and book endings. (See quote from last blog entry and compare it to the one above) Also because twinkle, twinkle is the last track of AWAKE which starts with… Some people will get that. XD And so, get it on! Nothing to fea-

Picture: Guitar

…it keeps getting worse huh. I fear for my life. XD

6 thoughts on “Inside a Closed Notebook

  1. …I read “hey I can still draw” as “hey 2 can still draw” XDDD

    …also lol @ Daev’s… excited shoujo face. It’s appropriate though, given he was a trap for a day XDDD


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