And I Just Realized…

I’m currently in my org in school (Web Development), and I’m done with what was assigned for us to do. Got some free time to surf the web. But the thing is… I can’t really think of any site to visit. Then it just hit me. I’ve been spending too much time browsing Facebook and chatting on Yahoo! Messenger. In fact, these activities probably take up at least 50% of my surfing time… Which means, I don’t really visit much sites these days. I mean, I rarely go to GDAMania,, deviantART, etc. And if there’s one forum I lurk, it’s AnimeSuki. I just have a tab of it opened in Firefox with the K-ON! thread in it for updates.

And this, I’d say would be 1 major reason why I feel so unproductive these days. I don’t really accomplish much with personal interests aside from music because I always just laze around and kill time with social networking. (Interesting how I’m talking about the effects of social networking on me, because that’s basically the topic I need to research on for my graded debate in my English class tomorrow) I rarely do the stuff I did back then like gaming, being updated on the NDS scene, software skinning, programming, and heck, I’ll even add studying properly to the list.

-edits at home-

This lack of productivity also affects my studies to the point of my graduation status being jeopardized because of my Math failing really badly. I know my 4-day absence from school due to food poisoning affected my studies. But that’s already done. And me being very unproductive is something I can still remedy with conscious effort… in what, 16 school days? I’m not even sure about the number there. What I do know is that I can’t buckle under this pressure. I will make it through this. Then when summer vacation comes, I’ll get myself a 1.5 TB hard drive with my savings and get on with the good stuff.

I got this.

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