Overload and Exit (The Senior Year Book Enders)

Weird title eh? Here’s the explanation. Before senior year, there was my college entrance test reviews which lasted for 12 days. Back then, I thought it would be interesting to come up with titles for each of my review days. Kinda like episode titles for a TV show featuring my 12 days of reviews, which runs for 12 episodes:

  1. The Overload
  2. Reunion
  3. Purpose
  4. Earthly Perspective
  5. Additive Routine
  6. Affairs
  7. Counsel
  8. Future Road
  9. Restart
  10. Twists
  11. Completion
  12. The New Day

They actually also sound like song titles for an album… featuring my 12 days of review experience. XD Each title is based on what happened for a given day. For instance, “Reunion” was the time I met old batchmates from my grade school or “Affairs” was when I had to be absent for my morning session because I had to go to DFA with my family. (Read: DFA – Department of Foreign AFFAIRS… hi. XDD)

Now, you probably figured out that the “Overload” part of my blog entry title comes from the first title in the list. What about the “Exit” then? You can pretty much guess it with the phrase in the parentheses. Yes, I love book ends. I’ll say that again and again. XD “Exit,” will be a continuation to my Overload series. Right now, I have 10 more remaining school days for high school and I still seriously need to catch up with my grades. I would say that the 12 days of my reviews pretty much reflects my whole senior year: Had a crush on this girl. I met people I wouldn’t have expected to meet. I had fun with new friends. AND, I didn’t really do well with my reviews. That IS my 4th year life. I fell in love, met new people, had fun with friends, and didn’t do well with my studies. Now, I’m waitlisted in my first college of choice and my Math is… dying, for lack of better term. XD

So! I’ve decided that I will keep track of the last 12 days of my high school life and give those “episode titles” to each day that passes by. I will make sure that I maximize each day and study very well… for my Math. It’s really just my Math actually. XD I’m already done with my appeal letter for my college and I’m just waiting for a recommendation from my first year moderator. I’ll keep this post updated for new titles for each day that passes by:

  1. The Exit
  2. Reignite
  3. Story
  4. Signs of Hope
  5. Meeting Ends
  6. Preparation
  7. Tactics
  8. Turnover
  9. Rest
  10. Tradition
  11. Goals
  12. Moving Out

And so it’s done. I would say that the last 12 days of my high school was well spent. I studied my Math for 6 straight days and I pretty much owned it. For the last day of school, I went to Shakey’s with first year high school classmates for a reunion of sorts. Then I went to a friend’s house after for some gaming and movie watching. Now, I just have to wait for the graduation list. Then I’m gonna plan my summer. Also, can’t wait for the Anberlin concert on Wednesday! All right, I’ll be enjoying the start of my vacation. \o/

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