To quote a comment I posted on a friend’s blog post, “I still don’t know what this summer is for me really.” Sure, this is the summer vacation I’ve gone out of the house the most. For the times, I’m home, I’d be either killing time on Facebook or playing World of Warcraft. Still, I feel like something’s missing. Heck, I already don’t know what to put in this blog entry.

NP: LEAF X MD – Never Forget (on loop)

Naalala ko pa yung panahon nung nag-aaral pa ako sa Claret. Ganito ako magsulat ng mga blog entry sa Multiply ko. ‘Di ko alam kung sinasabaw na lang ako kaya ako nagsusulat ng blog entry sa tagalog. Nasanay ako sa English ng lumipat ako sa Ateneo. (quite stereotypical yes, but I’d say as an Atenean myself that at least 90% of the people in AHS speak straight Filipino, just to rebut my statement) Talagang ‘yung group of friends ko lang in 1st year and 2nd year yung ma-ingles. (Hi there, you know who you are XD) I’m not saying I don’t like English. The English langauge is awesome. Na realize ko lang, tagalog talaga kinasanayan ko eh. Kaya ngayong wala akong maisip ilagay dito, tinatagalog ko na lang itong blog entry na ito.

Picture: Claret School of Quezon City

I can’t even put my thoughts in this blog entry properly. I really don’t know why. It must be somehow connected to the way I don’t know what I’m really doing for this summer vacation. Perhaps I’m writing my disorganized thoughts in this new entry, just for the heck of doing something new. Let me go back to my standard style of blogging… So it’s April huh? I got into Ateneo de Manila University. My course is Management Information Systems. I’ve been playing WoW, been to the Anberlin concert (the best concert I’ve been to in my life, I swear), went out with friends, graduation, (I’ve never made a proper announcement for this but yes I MADE IT) Ozine (meh) Fest 2011 which was still fun because of good company… mehh, even that manner of writing’s getting old.

Picture: Anberlin Live in Metro Manila

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wanna reinvent myself. That doesn’t mean I want to change myself. I just want to improve what I already am. Maybe improving on my good old software skinning techniques will do it. Maybe trying to compose a song for an all new band I’m about to form in college will do it. Heck, maybe working out and exercising will do it. I don’t really know. I guess it’s time for me to… reevaluate.

…I haven’t even bought that 1 TB hard drive. That preceding sentence is true, random, but not meant to be taken literally. Anyways, it’s not me to end on a kinda sad note, so I have one more thing to say:

NP: Neil Zaza – King of the World

2 thoughts on “Reevaluation

  1. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wanna reinvent myself. That doesn’t mean I want to change myself. I just want to improve what I already am.”

    My God man, I couldn’t have put it any other way. And I really do intend to start my exercising tomorrow. Maybe that’ll give you some drive to start something too XD


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