The Crossover

Time for some brief history. A year ago, I was able to play DrumMania for the very first time in our 12th annual school fair. (For those who care, it’s “12adioactive”; Well, they know what I’m referring to) Yes, I wasn’t much of an arcade gamer back then so I didn’t know about it. I was curious about the game but I hesitated to to try it out due to the fact that a huge crowd was watching people play the game. Through some encouragement from my friends, I actually tried playing it and the rest… well you’ll know more about it.

I continue playing DrumMania for enjoyment and also as a means of learning drumming. (Although I also have experience in actual drumming) One thing that makes me continue playing the game is a promise that I made to a friend. On the day that I discovered the wonders of rhythm games through DrumMania, I promised my friend that in 2 years, I will finish The Least 100 Hundred Seconds (Hence, the name of my blog) on Extreme Difficulty in DrumMania. I will do this in the 14th annual fair of our school, assuming that there would actually be a DM machine in our school on that day. o_o Plus, The Least 100 Seconds is the hardest song in DrumMania as of today, from what I know. I wish myself good luck. XD

And so a year has passed and I have another year to go.

My name is Carlo and this is my story. Let’s see how I’ll be able to improve on my playing. =D

About Page, February 7, 2009 (The Least 100 Blog)

Last Saturday, I auditioned as a solo artist for the Ateneo Musician’s Pool, my school’s official music organization. And I must say, playing drums for the auditions, seeing high school bandmates, and watching other people audition for the org gave me this burst of good vibes, the same emotions that I felt back then when I started going to arcades to play DrumMania. I’m talking about that feeling of mixed excitement and anxiety as you venture into trying out fun, new activities.

What I felt during and after my auditions makes me look back at all the good musical memories that I experienced in my whole high school stay. And now I’m typing away this blog entry that will look back at everything that happened the past years that made me love drumming and everything percussion-related. (In the school library, with the setting sun visible from where I’m typing, while listening to DrumMania songs on my iPod, hell yeah)

Picture: ADMU Rizal Library

The block quote above pretty much sums up my motivations for playing DrumMania. Although the promise I made to my friend, rtnario, was a huge factor that really made me strive to become good in DrumMania, the biggest reason why I play DrumMania, is simply because I enjoy drumming. Of course, I would focus on the promise I made to my friend for this blog entry because I’m putting a closure to that here. So, without further ado…

The Least One Hundred Trials (February 2008 – February 2010)

Really, this is just how much I embraced DrumMania into my life. I’ll explain the whole “evaluation” concept that stemmed from the promise I made. Since I had 2 years to hone my skills, I divided that period of time into 4 parts. That would be 6 months per part. Each of those 6 months had one day in the arcade with family or friends where I evaluated my skills. An example of an evaluation day I had is this. That was the 2nd of the 4 evaluations. Well, that’s how it was supposed to go. At the supposed moment for the final evaluation, the end of the 2-year period, I had the heaviest academic load in my hands. I also realized then that having another DrumMania in our school fair was very unlikely with the lack of a good arcade sponsor. I wasn’t even ready to play The Least 100sec. In the end, rtnario and I extended the “trials” for another year. Now you know why this blog is called “Least One Hundred.”

OVER THE LIMIT (February 2010 – July 2010)

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m going all out with this blog entry. This is everything, explained bluntly. Yes, bluntly. XD I’ll eat the scroll bar if I do not limit my typing. (Figuratively dammit XDDD) OVER THE LIMIT is the 6-month period after the original Least One Hundred Trials. The name is a reference to the song in V6. During this period, I got into playing more guitar and DJMax Technika. I won’t go into detail with that.

The Least One Hundred Trials: Finale (August 2010 – May 2011)

I won’t go into detail with this as well. Cause really, I think my past few blog entries indirectly reference what was going on with my life during this period the most. I finally had the postponed 4th evaluation prior to this period.

The Promised Day (June 6, 2011)

Yes, that term is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist. XD Last month, rtnario, along with another friend, went to the mall (Trinoma) in order to put a closure to the promise I made with this 5th and final evaluation. It was a day spent in the arcade, and not to mention, in the food court and Burger King. (We were on a food trip too XD)

After playing songs on DrumMania to demonstrate my current skill level to my friends, I finally took on the real deal. The Least 100sec. On Extreme difficulty. Needless to say… I failed. So much for the epic build up huh? HAHAHAHA. XDD That aside, I was suprised I actually went a few seconds past the difficult solo part. In the end, finishing The Least 100sec did not matter. What mattered most was the experience of playing the game for 3 years. It wasn’t about the destination. Rather, it was about the journe– yeah, cliche right there, but cliche for a perfectly apt reason.

The past 3 years of playing DrumMania has really changed me as a person. I did not only spend countless hours playing the game. I formed bands with my friends and played music with them. I learned to love music. I learned to love the music that people create. I learned to express myself and interact with other people in so many new ways. Learning to love and understand music made me do the same for life.

NP: Locofrank – CROSSOVER

After the auditions last Saturday, I had a chance to play DrumMania V7 in Trinoma. It was really nice to see how people were crowding over the DrumMania machine again like in the past. I mean, just look at that picture below.

Picture: Credit

That was the number of credits before I swiped. More people actually swiped after I did, which is really not surprising seeing as how DrumMania lives in Trinoma once again. XD

The Least One Hundred Trials is over but it will live on in my heart as a unique experience that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the people around me. Surely, college will bring about new opportunities for me to explore my drumming even more. There is more music to create, share, and love.

Of course, I’ll still play DrumMania. And someday, I’ll have a video of myself finishing The Least 100sec, like a baws. 8]

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