Network Nuisance

First off, wow. I’m totally not making this blog post parallel to this blog entry. Even the two words of the title of this blog entry with the same starting letters is a coincidence! Okay, I lied. I am cause it can’t be helped, I just realized I was ALSO at Midnight Mercato last night! Well, sort of. Think of my story in this blog entry as an alternate happenstance in Bonifacio High Street while someone was busy munching food like there’s no tomorrow.

Yesterday was a very, very fun but tiring day for me. My English blockmates and I went to Enchanted Kingdom to make feature articles about the amusement park. Rode Space Shuttle MAX thrice in a row. XD Anyway, that’s not what this blog entry is for so I won’t ellaborate on EK. I’ll save that for my feature article.

After EK, I had another agenda. Go to Bonifacio High Street at around 5:30 PM and meet some classmates and a friend who’s gonna go abroad for his college studies starting next week. I asked one of my English blockmates to drop me off from EK. The problem was that that friend had to leave at 7 PM for a family dinner and we left EK at around 6 PM. We arrived at Bonifacio High Street at around 7 PM. So, I didn’t get to see my friend and the dinner with classmates was already over. That’s not the bad part of the day though. (Thankfully, there’s still a chance of seeing that friend on Tuesday) Minutes before I arrived Bonifacio High Street, I was wondering why I haven’t been receiving text messages from anyone I texted. And just before I got off the car, text messages began to spam. I swear I received around 15 messages from different people. Dammit [censor-network-provider’s-name], why u malfunction at a time my day is fully booked with plans? e_e

Because of the malfunction, things got screwy for me. I just found out a friend asked me to go to Market! Market! after Bonifacio High Street. Good thing I also found out that the plan then got cancelled. o_o Parents got worried because of them not getting any messages from me regarding leaving EK immediately. Plus, I wasn’t able to text my friend that I would not be able to arrive on time. The worst part was only finding out that not much people went to the dinner thing only when I arrived the place. And those people who went opted not to stay after the early dinner. In other words, the night was over when I got to Bonifacio High Street. Luckily, I bumped into a classmate who was on his way to Centris. Thanks to him and his dad, I didn’t have to ask my dad to fetch me all the way from Fort Bonifacio.

This experience made me think. Perhaps, text messaging is becoming less and less reliable with telecommunication networks getting clogged with users from what is considered to be the texting capital of the world.

On a side note, as I was in a hurry to leave the house to meet with my English blockmates, I forgot to wear my watch. Relating that to my crappy network experience, I wonder how people of today would live without technology? No cellphones for calling or texting. No watches. None of any of those. To think that people in the past didn’t have to rely on most of the new technologies that began to exist in the 21st century, is it or is it not our fault that we have become so dependent on such technologies?

Well, that’s it for some fresh way of blogging. A food for thought that I usually don’t put up on my blog. XD

2 thoughts on “Network Nuisance

  1. …what a day you had in comparison to mine XD I do agree with what you think about telecommunication networks, though. It sucks for it not to be reliable for those who actually need it the most compared to those who can simply utilize quicker and more efficient ways to communicate (read: THE INTERNET.)

    Also. Food for thought? Why not food for me?

  2. You already had your food at Mercato dammit. Me jelly. Shoo. XD By the way, my realization when I saw your blog entry was.

    “What?! Mercato?”
    *googles Mercato*
    “Midnight Mercato at Bonifacio Global City”
    “Holy crap, nasa Boni High din ako eh O_O”

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