Expanding Horizons – I’ll Start With Reading Books

At the time I thought of writing this post, I was actually kind of inebriated. Unfortunately, I’ve sobered up even before I could write this. Man, I’ve always wanted to write a journal entry at a semi-drunk state. But I guess that won’t happen anytime soon until another friend celebrates his birthday or something.

Okay, on to the real blog entry. I want to expand my horizons. And I’ll start with reading books. Just some background, After a meaningful conversation tonight (Sup, you know who you are though I’d like you guys to discover this blog entry yourselves XD), I realized that I have been perhaps too boxed with the interests I’ve been accustomed to. Sure, I’m mainly a musically and technologically inclined person. But of course, I’m much more than that. Everything is interconnected and maybe getting into other things like reading would help me become better in my primary interests.

Why start with reading though? Since sixth grade, I’ve always enjoyed writing stuff about random things I encounter in life. In second year high school, I set up this blog and began writing more about my personal life. It was not until fourth year that I really realized that I do love writing. I actually consider myself a fairly okay writer. Not really THAT good. I think I can really improve though.

Now that I’m in college, I began to wonder why I’ve always been writing when I do not even read books for leisure. Well actually, I need to be more specific. The books I’m referring to, apart from literature I’m required to read for school, are novels of different kinds. Back in grade school, I collected K-Zone magazines, mini-Atlases, tech-related magazines, and the like. I was always fond of short reads. But I always couldn’t stand reading all these long novels my friends love.

This may sound weird, but I always thought the reason I didn’t want to read novels was because I’m hypoglycemic. If there are people who are “high on sugar,” so to speak, I’m the complete opposite. I need my sugar. Otherwise, I’d be, well… “sabaw.” (Soup. Brain Soup. I don’t know how else I can say that) That’s a reason why I can be really quiet, though I’m not exactly anti-social. I enjoy being with people. I love being in crowded places like arcades and concerts. Anyway, back to my rationalization. I can’t stand reading because my state of always being low on sugar makes my attention span really, really short. Even though I am enjoying a book I’m reading, I’d quickly end up being too dizzy and/or lazy to continue reading. I then lose the drive to actually continue reading.

I think I’m over with that phase though and I’m slowly considering giving reading novels a chance. Sure, writing in a way can be more relevant to a person if he is writing about himself. (And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing) Reading novels though will allow me to have glimpses into stories of other people, whether fictional or non-fictional. I’ll gain wisdom and understanding about how minds of different people work through the words that the authors of those novels give their characters. And this is how I can expand my horizons. By reading, I’ll gain new insights on so many things. It will definitely motivate and inspire me to pursue my current interests and maybe even other interests.

What about having a short attention span because of being hypoglycemic? Seriously, if I’m not the type of person who can read novels on one sitting, then so be it. Why lose motivation to read right? I should take momentary breaks from reading and have a Kit Kat. For one, “Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.” Second, Kit Kat has sugar. It will help me from being low on sugar. See what I did there? xD

Okay, on second thought, maybe I am still kind of inebriated. Crap, I need to get to sleep, it’s 4:18 AM. XD

4 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons – I’ll Start With Reading Books

  1. I like the Kit Kat. KIDDING. XDDDDDDD

    I’m pretty sure this goes for everyone. It’s just that we get too comfortable and too used to what we already have, you know? It has always been a safe decision to delve deeper and deeper into what is already accessible instead of trying something new. The mistake is done when people limit themselves.

    Try reading out again and see if it works for you. I have yet to find out what I can do OTHER than music, anyhow πŸ˜€

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