Certain kinds of food induce certain thoughts and memories in my mind. I usually associate food with various experiences. That being said, delicious food indulged with families and friends, more often than not, spells out good times for me.

My sister, being the Japanese food fanatic that she is, suggested eating at Crazy Katsu, a small restaurant situated in Teacher’s Village, UP Diliman. She and I made our way to the said restaurant last Saturday and ordered a chicken dish and burger steak meal, respectively. We usually share our food with one another so we both got to try out the food we ordered.

There’s just something about eating Japanese food with people who are equally enthusiastic about Japanese culture as I am that makes my day. My most vivid memories of eating at Japanese restaurants with friends usually happen before or after we engage in activities that are in one way or another related to Japanese culture. For instance, I remember one time my friends and I had diner at Kamirori, a Japanese restaurant at Katipunan Avenue. Prior to dining out, my friends had a two-hour or so band practice at a nearby studio while I took videos of their band performing Anime and video game music covers; those songs were Japanese in origin. As if the songs they performed and the food we ate were not enough to make our latent Japanese blood erupt, we ended up talking more about our Japanese-related interests.

Looking back at the meal I had with my sister last Saturday somehow reminded me of those memories I share with my friends.

06-06-12 Edit: I reread this entry and it was missing a point (It was probably implied though). My sister loves Japanese culture, with the music as an exception — which is really sad for a Japanese music fanatic like me. Oh so sad.

On another a note, this entry was the first of a number of online journal entries that was required of me in my English class. One thing I don’t like about doing required writings for school is that there’s always a deadline for me to meet. I like taking my time in writing my journal entries. And this hastily written journal entry is a testament to how school sometimes makes me produce half-baked writings.

At least I can say that the practice I get from school work actually helps me improve my writing.

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