The events that happened in my life during my carefree childhood days and my formative years during high school are in one way or another interrelated; that’s what I always thought ever since my high school days. For the past three years, I’ve been fond of reflecting on my experiences and correlating them by compiling videos of my various experiences (usually involving playing DrumMania, an arcade rhythm game, or playing music with my bands), making all the videos appear as if they were all part of an episode of a television program such as an American sitcom or an Anime. What I’ve done in compiling my videos was finding the common thread among interrelated experiences, my experiences.

Yesterday, I schemed through a list of various events that happened on the day and year I was born. What if I tried correlating my birth to these events that are unrelated to my life? (Experiences that are not mine; experiences of various people.)


an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated


(I learned about the term “synchronicity” through a friend who introduced me to The Police, a 70-80’s New Wave band that wrote a song about the concept behind the terminology. He explained how the song talks about the significance of unrelated events happening at the same time.)

What is so meaningful about the fact that I was born on the 14th of August about 2 decades ago when unrelated events (people being born and passing away, countries organizing various national projects, discoveries being made in various fields, etc.) happened around the globe?

Logically speaking, there is absolutely no meaningful coincidence between me being born and the various events that happened on the day and year I was born, nor are there any concrete connections among the said events. In fact, my birth seems so insignificant compared to pretty much all the other events that happened on that day. (So there is no “meaningful coincidence.” There goes the attempt to sound all scientific or philosophical by incorporating a fancy term to this blog entry. Well, at least I can talk about personal opinion from here.)

Personally, what is left for me to ponder on is an idea that ties my birth to the events that happened around the globe on that day: the fact that all the aforementioned occurrences are human experiences. My birth is one form of a human experience. My mother giving birth is a human experience. Although various events that happened around the globe on the day I was born are mostly unrelated, they are all connected by the fact that they are all experiences that people go through. This realization makes me affirm that my birth is not so insignificant compared to an event such as Magic Johnson celebrating his 32nd birthday on the same day. Okay, maybe my birthday is insignificant compared to his. But hey, I was born on that exact same day in 1993. It was the day I became alive. That’s gotta be something.

Moreover, all this reflection makes me wonder how and why I just over-analyzed my birthday.

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