This Will Be a Very Disorganized Post

Sort of. Maybe. I’m already starting to be disorganized. The title alone screams disorganized — YEAHHH. I’m gonna once again take a shot at free writing because I wanna express my mind as honestly as possible. So I’m typing away without backspacing or erasing. Yay.

NP: SoundTeMP – One Step Closer

Nostalgia hits me right now. I’m at SM North Edsa. Netopia at the Annex. Listening to One Step Closer by SoundTeMP. Ragnarok Online is equal to childhood memories. Well, not really. Just the anime and the music of the game. Because we had dial-up internet then, I couldn’t play the game. D: And speaking of One Step Closer, check out this new journal entry on my deviantART.

What’s even more nostalgic is that I’m listening to the song while in this certain Netopia in SM North Edsa. I recall being in the very same internet cafe (albeit a different branch) a little over 4 years ago after playing DrumMania at the second day of my school’s fair. My dad fetched me from school, dropped me off here at SM North Edsa, and went off to fetch my mom. I then went to the Netopia across from the old Quantum arcade that had a DrumMania V2 machine to research all about DrumMania (I was actually just intimidated to play right after the older kids who could play songs on Extreme difficulty, haha). That was the first time I joined the old GDAMania.

NP: THIS (Believe in Love from GFDM)

Anyway, I’ll follow up this post by transferring entries from another WordPress blog — a blog I used for my English class in school — to this blog. I’ll also post a new entry about what I’ve been doing the past week since school ended. I suspect the power supply unit of my PC is faulty and I need to have it replaced. That’s actually why I’m here in SM North Edsa. Because I don’t want to use my PC out of fear that the UPS would “catastrophically explode,” as a user on some computer forum puts it.

Since I have limited access to the Internet, I’ve been busy on other stuff like reading, working out, and playing games on my iPod. More on that next time.

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