Random Blog Entry From Outer Space

It’s been a while since I made any new blog entry huh? 3rd year high school has really been making me busy these days and I rarely find the time to work on projects like simfiles, videos, etc. I’ll post random updates here people probably wouldn’t care about. Enjoy. XD

The title’s a reference to KOTOKO’s Epsilon no Fune btw. XD

By the way, I’m still working on a V6 skin for DTXMania. I will also upload the V5 skin I worked on a few months ago.

Picture: V6 Skin

What I’m Doing Right Now

I’m currently in my friend’s house, who also happens to be rtnario. And he just made his best video game remix evar. Check it out: Core Opression.*Hayate no Gotoku narrator* That is totally not a plug right there. I swear that isn’t a plug of rtnario’s best remix evar! Haven’t been here in this house in a while. There seems to be 2 Samsung LCD monitors here now. Shiny. And geez, I was gonna upload a screen shot of a video I just took a few minutes ago. But you caaaaaaaaaaan’t take screen shots of videos featuring shiny Samsung LCD monitors with a matching Kamen Rider Figure in front of one of the monitors… rtnario needs better codecs. >> At least he has some great library of music here. XD

What I Have Been Up To

Here’s more blog entry… entry you would probably read if you’re bored. XD (Go to the Downloads section if this is this is your first time in my blog) So after making my last blog entry, I have been watching even more anime. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is totally pwning the 1st season. XD I have also been working on my drumming and I won’t be saying anything more on that thanks to 2 videos:

Allegro Cantabile Sound (Drum Cover)
Minority (Drum Cover)

(Yes, I hate embedding. It makes blog entries look… fat XD)

Besides the 2 videos I uploaded on YouTube, I haven’t really worked on much projects as I’m too busy with school and other interests. I do have some incomplete simfiles here but I have no idea when I’ll get to work on them. But rest assured, I will definitively upload new stuff someday. XD

Picture: V6 Skin

*continues to use rtnario’s computer* Oooh a secret beta of a composition-

Edit: And after seeing rtnario’s CryptLoad, I found out he downloaded a certain VST that he may be using for his compositions. =]

Edit 2: After convincing rtnario to trade VST recommendations, I finally know what VST he is using for the rhythm guitars in his works. =D

Edit 3: Saturday was awesome. My other pianist friend arrived and totally showed off his skills. We even got some random Nodame Cantabile parody video which is totally unrelated to playing the piano. Btw, congratulations on your soiree rtnario XD

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