Jesus of Suburbia Simfile (DTX) and a Bonus Simfile

Download: Jesus of Suburbia
YouTube Video: DTXMania – Jesus of Suburbia DTX

Picture: Jesus of Suburbia

Time for some Green Day! This one’s a DTXMania simfile of Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day. I actually made this simfile exclusive to the self-titled, 1st movement of the song, Jesus of Suburbia. It took me quite some time to accurately tab the drum part of the 1st movement. So if you’re someone who wants to cover the drums of this song, this simfile is for you!

And so I bring you, Jesus of Suburbia (Jesus of Suburbia). Man, that sounded redundant. But then again, that’s how it should really be called.

Picture: Least 10 Secs

Download: Least 10 Secs
YouTube Video: DTXMania – Least 10 Secs DTX

Also, I also made a simfile called “Least 10 Secs.” From the title itself, one should be able to tell that it’s a 10-second version of The Least 100 Seconds. This one’s really a side project of mine. Nothing much special to it besides being an insane 10-second simfile. Also, this was originally a concept for a PPT movie (Not Flash, but PPT) I was making about some dude finishing “Least 10 Secs,” which is “the hardest song in DrumMania.” (As quoted from the dialogue in that PPT movie)

Good luck trying to finish it for those who are actually willing to try. XD

On a side note, the song included in this simfile is actually a MIDI version of The Least 100 Seconds that can be downloaded in the download page of GDAMania.

5 thoughts on “Jesus of Suburbia Simfile (DTX) and a Bonus Simfile

  1. Hi. I’m new to DTXMania, and trying to figure out how to add some songs. Where do I have to store the files I’m downloading from your site ?
    I tried to put them into the “DTXFiles” folder but it doesnt seem to work, I still have a “song not found” message when trying to start a game.

  2. Thank you for your reply. After posting my message, I continued searching and found that I needed to make subfolders named DTXFiles.XXXX (XXXX being the name of the song in the folder).
    This made the songs appear in the selection menu.

    But I have a new problem with some DTXfiles (not yours, which is working perfectly) : they look as if they were empty. I can see the title of the song, but when I select it and valid to access the part where we can choose the difficulty level before launching the song, nothing is available. It’s as if the song had no track for any instrument and any difficulty level. Moreover, the image associated with the song doesnt display, and the audio preview doesnt play.

    Maybe I’m using a wrong version of DTXmania? I tried v69 and v70, both act the same regarding this issue (v70 also have a synchronisation issue between the audio playback and the notes).

  3. Have you tried using v067b? Look for the download link here

    Also, that thread might help with your problem. As said there, that empty song might be a Japanese song. Try experimenting with the different versions.

    On a side note, where exactly did you get DTXMania v69 and v70? The DTXMania official site was taken down a few days ago so I was wondering maybe you got it before the site was taken down.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I managed to get some help from the forums and can finally play all songs, using v67b. Thank you again!

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