Hero Simfile (DTX)

Download: Machinae Supremacy – Hero
Download DTX Video: Video For Hero DTX (Optional)
YouTube Video: DTXMania – Hero DTX

Picture: Hero

I just don’t feel like embedding videos. XD

…And yet another simfile! It’s a song called “Hero” by Machinae Supremacy. The genre of this song is metal. (And no, not your usual metal) Expect to encounter a lot of double bass and fast rolls in the song. If you like the song, do check out Machinae Supremacy’s website for more awesome music. 8D


This simfile includes unedited drum samples and artwork (The preview) from Machinae Supremacy. (Thanks Mr. Stjärnström!)

I also included an optional DTX video download (See link above) of a live version of Hero. Please take note that I did not make the video. I simply added a frame and trimmed the video. If you downloaded this simfile and you like the song, I suggest that you check out the original video:

Machinae Supremacy at Bandit Metal Fest

Stay tuned more for more simfiles in the future!

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